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Moose Hill Cantina Lakewood




Moose Hill Cantina Lakewood

Moose Hill Cantina

Mon-Thurs 11a - 8:45p
Fri & Sat 11a - 9p
Sun 11a - 8p

We are family owned and operated restaurant.
Located in Lakewood, Colorado.
We have been serving friends and families since 1984.

Nominated Denver's Best Mexican Restaurant and Best Burrito

We believe in serving the best, freshest Mexican food at reasonable prices. Our goal is to serve our friends, and welcome new friends. We are here to serve specific food needs to our gluten free, vegetarian and even vegan customers. We have developed our own recipes over twenty years. We use the best available ingredients to prepare all of our dishes. Moose Hill keeps our dishes affordable because most of our food is made from scratch. Each plate is made especially for you and can be altered to fit your needs. We do not use any preservatives - NO MSG. The result is a clean, crisp, fresh taste. We make items you can't order anywhere else. Our signature C-9 also known as the house favorite is well known. Also our signature drink Moose Milk will always be our little secret, but keeps customers coming back for this after dinner treat, when you order any alcoholic drink complimentary. Come Join us for our Happy hour everyday from 2-5 where you can try one of our delicious margaritas, there are over 20 flavors to choose from. You can also enjoy a cocktail or meal on our new Patio for outdoor seating. Come be one of our regulars and become a part of the Moose Hill family.

About the Owner

The MooseHill cantina opened in 1984 by a woman named Beve Janssen and was a hit right off the bat. It became a great family spot to get delicious, quality Mexican food at a great cost. One evening in October of 1996 Mandi was eating dinner at one of the tables being a regular customer herself with her parents and sister. She remembers as a child always asking her parents to have a sip of the Moosemilk and couldn't wait for the day she was 21 when she would be old enough to drink one.

If Mandi only knew what her MooseHill story would become that very night. As Mandi and her family were leaving the restaurant Mandi asked for an application, Beve said "come back tonight and we will train you and see what you think."

Wow Mandi thought that was fast. She sat down had an interview and started bussing the tables that night. She remembers so clearly looking at the waiting line overwhelmed and nervous never knowing those people would become her customers and friends one day. Over a short period of time she moved up to cashier, then server and then eventually manager. She was thrilled with the opportunity Beve was giving her, Beve taught her everything she knew about the restaurant business.

Ironically this was Mandi's first job at 14 she even needed a work permit from school to even work at one point. This was her first and only job ever. She worked around her high school schedule and went to college and raised kids while working. It was a great job to support her family while spending a lot of time with her kids. No one could keep Mandi away from MooseHill, it became her passion and Beve and Ed saw this was something in her that she was meant to do. Beve and Ed were considering retirement and asked to meet for lunch one day, Mandi was shocked when they presented the opportunity to buy the establishment.

Mandi beyond grateful accepted the opportunity and has owned MooseHill herself since January 2013. Of course she was nervous, there were big shoes to be filled. Beve was beyond good at what she does and was very well known in the community. The first year Mandi didn't even tell many people that she was the new owner. She wanted to test herself if no one noticed a difference in the food she was doing something right. With no complaints that the food was different she was ready to start telling people and making some changes to the atmosphere. She started doing some updating, making it her own. An outdoor patio was added, fresh coats of paints on the interior walls, and decor changes.

Then the customers started asking questions not about the food but what's going on here? But With Mandi working at MooseHill for 18 plus years the customers are very comfortable with the transition. They knew her and became close to her family. Customers watched her kids grow up and some even attended her wedding. Now customers get to watch Mandi grow more with her establishment. When you walk through MooseHill's doors you become part of our family. You will see Mandi's daughter as a hostess, her sister as her manager and her husband helping too. You may even see Mandi's new addition, she had a baby boy September 2014. Come in and be apart of our MooseHill family. MooseHill is without a doubt one of those places where you can go and everyone knows your name. Cheers!!!!

Moose Hill Lakewood Arvada

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