Are you having trouble getting your new business launched or your existing business to the next level?

We can help!

Greetings, my name is Alan Davis. What if I told you I have a proven system to increase your gross revenue by more than 22%/year—and that success was the achievement of our least successful student! Would that blow your mind? My System is Proven, Unique and totally reliable.

Now let’s ponder this for a minute:

These facts would mean if you are making $100K/year now you would be earning over $200,000 in just 4 years. In 12 years you will be making over $1,000,000/year!

Now, with these results, what house will you live in? What education will you provide for your children? How would you change your lifestyle and where would you travel? What will you give to charity?

My Story – I am the idea man. At a very early age I noticed that ideas are all around us. Ideas are fleeting.

It’s like you are standing near a steam and the ideas are floating in the stream—YOU CAN reach in and GRAB IT or you can let it go by.

What if I told you there was a way to achieve financial success—yet have the other 4 areas of life come along at the same time?

We are not talking about sacrificing one area of life here to get the next. We are not going to give up our health or our relationships to get financial success. The best part of this program is that the other four areas of life come right along and experience similar growth and results! Your joy, happiness, mental peace, relationships, spiritual growth and health increase right along with your finances.

The Ceiling of Decision

It’s based on two simple concepts—first is the Ceiling of Decision™. The Ceiling of Decision™ is what ALL companies have in common. Somewhere between EVERY 2-5 years a company will hit a ceiling where they will either: a) Bounce off and go out of business
b) Stay at that level or
c) BREAKTHROUGH and experience new profitability and growth.

Once you understand this you will conduct your business in a way that you can grow and pass through these barriers.

Do you remember that ONE SPECIAL moment you were with that one significant other person–that takes your breath away? Then there was that ONE unforgettable moment when you are with that special someone and you realize they are the one for you. You can’t sleep because your love all encompassing and their impact on your future is immeasurable.

My work is just like that—-its about that one moment in time where everyone knows there life will not be the same.

It looks like this: The RIGHT idea is presented—there is little explanation or rhetoric, its immediately absorbed–the client realizes this is what has been missing in their company—its the one piece that completes the puzzle—and there is silence in the room. Everyone knows the purpose of the organization has instantaneously evolved to a higher level. The organization will never be the same and neither will their lives. Its a rare priceless perfect moment.

By using the Ceiling of Decision, I see it happen nearly every year in each organization we do business. This is why i love my job–I have the best job ever. I have inspired them to do something that inspires them. When this moment happens it means—-at our clients company–there income increases—because it has more value in the marketplace—but now they love their work, it has profound meaning—they realize this and they are excited for the future their business can provide.


An experience like no other--once in a lifetime.

Increase financially while at the same time growing in the other four areas of life.

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