In Genesee Town Center:
Exit 254 Off I-70


Genesee Candy Land (at the Buffalo Herd exit off I-70) offers a wide selection of nostalgic candy favorites, deliciously leading shoppers down memory lane.

This nostalgic trip begins with the life-size buffalo poster on the sidewalk and giant lollipops near the front door.

Once inside, the aromas hit immediately: freshly baked cookies, fresh fudge being made, melting chocolate, and…bacon. Yes! It’s chocolate-dipped bacon. “This is the number one conversation starter with new customers,” says owner Lorri Alden. “People who are not familiar with the salty-sweet craze are just amazed. We have one gentleman who orders 50 slices per month as business gifts.”

The next stop on the nostalgia tour is the candy display:

Razzles, Big Hunk, wax lips, candy dots, candy cigarettes, bubble gum cigars, and much more.

“It is fun to watch the parents rush over to the display and start sharing childhood memories with their kids,” explains owner Bill Alden.

Genesee Candy Land also represents the local wildlife in tastefully edible fashion as well. There are bags of bear poop, buffalo patties, elk scat, and deer droppings. Of course, these bags contain actual candy made to resemble the appearance of animal scat. “Most people buy this candy as a joke gift for a friend,” says Lorri. “And if you need a memento of your visit with the buffalo herd, we have buffalo-shaped chocolate lollipops.”

A decision at the Candy Land display case might result in a lengthy and difficult decision process! Over 20 flavors of fudge are displayed, including pina colada, raspberry chocolate swirl, and red velvet, plus ten different chocolate truffle flavors carefully made from Belgian chocolate. For additional temptation, there are marshmallow pops, chocolate dipped pretzels, chocolate bark, fudge-dipped twinkies, and more.

A truly unique feature at Candy Land is the ‘Make Your Own PB& J Bar’, and this offering makes an impression and fills a need for many who visit. “You have never seen something like this before. What is a ‘Make Your Own PB & J Bar’ you wonder? We have choices of peanut butter, Nutella, marshmallow cream, honey, and 10 flavors of jelly for your customized sandwich,” explains Lorri. “You choose the bread or bagel and then make your own sandwich. “

“Bicyclists, skiers, and parents of finicky kids love this concept, but everyone comments on it!” says Bill.

Those who visit Genesee Candy Land once vow to come back soon! It’s quite often and expected that the walk to the car is preceded by the sampling of newly purchased fudge and chocolates–because the anticipation is just too much!

Genesee Candy Land is open seven days a week and is located inside Genesee Country Store at exit 254 off I-70, where the buffalo roam. For more information, please contact Lorri Alden at 303-526-9751 or by email at


Craving homemade fudge or artisan chocolates?

We have a wide variety of delicious treats!

You’ll surely find something you can’t resist!

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