The Olde Man Granola Story

Our Journey Started far away in the Jungles of Africa


Working among the people we needed a healthy, nutritious start to each day. Our food choices were limited so we created our own granola cereal from scratch. We had large sacks of oats delivered by small private plane and then we added a few local ingredients and very little else, put some in a bowl, poured powdered milk over it and called it granola. Despite how it sounds it was even yummy at that time and so after returning to the United States we would make it from time to time until it was sought after for special occasions and family vacations.

The Beginning

At Christmas time one year our church invited local artisans to sell their wares in the church basement. Fay decided to get in on the fun and thought she could make something to earn a little money for Christmas. She prepared for the day and at the last minute decided to add granola to her table of wares. A friend offered to make a product label using a picture of Mark and photo shopping it up until he looked nothing like himself but rather like someone from the Kentucky hills in the days of the Hatfields and McCoys. He suggested they call it ‘Olde Man Granola’. The name stuck and the day of the sale came and went successfully. With a little extra change in our pockets it was a good Christmas.

About a month later, out of the blue, the phone rang with a stranger from Arizona inquiring for more granola. A few weeks after that another phone call came, this time from California. An unknown person was trying to order more granola. In bewilderment we looked at each other and decided that perhaps we should consider sharing this granola with others

Small Batches

We started making small batches after that and just sold it by word of mouth to friends and family eventually developing a website for online ordering.

Golden Farmer’s Market

In the summer of 2008 we decided to rent a booth in the Golden farmers market and for three and a half years carried on the business this way and actually entertained the idea of closing it down altogether.

All In

Until January of 2012…when our son Trevor, after 6 ½ years in the Marine Corps, mentioned his desire to come home and work with the business. It was at that time we decided to put everything we could into Olde Man Granola.

A Big Year

2016 was a big year for us. We were blessed to be accepted into established stores such as Whole Foods, King Soopers, Safeway, and Walt Churchill’s.


Delicious Granola, Made The Way It Should Be

Great Ingredients, Delicious Flavor, Affordable Price

It's Simply The Way Food Was Meant To Be

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