We specialize in Chronic Pain, Chiropractic, Hormone Treatment, Detoxification, Cold and Flu, Protein Powders, Live Blood Analysis, and Weight Loss

Our story begins in the summer of 1986 when I was diagnosed with serious health issues.

My wife Linda and I had always searched for better ways to eat. We would go to the farms around Denver and buy the very best vegetables and would freeze and can them. We did the very best we could and all my family was still sick.

In 1989 I developed a condition of the inner ear, which causes dizzy spells that would last from 8 to 30 hours. I would have as many as three spells a week. Needless to say, my income was greatly affected.

I had an appointment with the doctor that would have resulted in being made at least partially, if not completely deaf in my right ear. At that time, I was introduced to a local herbologist, who gave me a product we now call Diz-Z-Eze. I haven’t had a dizzy spell since.

Soon, Linda started training to learn about herbal formulations, how and why they work and which formula is suggested for certain physical problems.

God has Blessed us with a way to stay healthy and happy, and in doing so, help others as well.


Health Profile

The health and nutritional profile is offered by Linda Phillips, which tells us your current and past health and nutritional history. This is a comprehensive process, which takes about an hour and allows Linda a detailed assessment of how your past and present health works together. This combined with the Live Blood Analysis has given us the ability to gain great insight into your internal environment and make specific suggestions to solve and improve any health related issue.

Infrared Sauna

Detoxification – Improved Cardiovascular – Immune System – Stress and Pain Relief – Weight Control The most effective, natural means of removing toxins from the body is through the use of the High Tech Health far infrared sauna. Far infrared technology has the ability to mobilize more toxins and in a safer manner than is possible in sweat resulting from just heat or activity. No other technology for removing toxins from the body caan address both lipophillic (fat-stored) toxins and toxins already in the blood stream.

Live Blood Analysis

Is a test, which requires only a finger prick and is performed in office by Linda. We do an analysis of live blood, which imparts a multitude of vital information about the human body. This test is done with a light field microscope, which is a modern tool, used in biologic research. With this we use a specialized video camera, which feeds the real time image to a television monitor so you the patient can follow the councilor through the whole test as it is happening. From the information we can identify several key factors including vitamin/mineral deficiencies, toxicities, organ stress, digestion and parasitic organisms. We then use this information to determine exactly what your body needs.


Dr. Cass is trained in traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. This further diversifies not only the ability to assess and diagnose but gives an outstanding method of treatment for a wide variety of disorders. Among these are hormone imbalance, allergy elimination, asthma and others. Acupuncture can successfully treat any type of injury as well as greatly speed the healing process. Also pain from spinal dysfunction, arthritis, fibromyalgia, or headaches have been treated with amazing results.


Chiropractic care is a well-established and extremely safe method of healing and wellness. Anyone of any age can be adjusted. Dr. Cass is versed in a variety of techniques and will determine which one or which combination would be best for you. Because of the close relationship of the spine and central nervous system misalignment of spinal segments can be very detrimental to overall health. Spinal misalignment’s can result in pain and interference in normal communication and function of the nervous system and therefore every aspect of human physiology.

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